I’m Going to be an Aunt!

A few months ago we got on Skype with Myke’s brother and wife, like it was any other call. I felt like there was something that they were going to tell us-but I didn’t know what. They asked us what was new (really guys?) and we told them and then we asked was new with them. Umm….just a little something!

The most amazing part of this whole thing was my sister in law wasn’t sure she was going to be able to have kids. To that I said, no way! I knew they were going to have kids eventually, but I’m so glad they are having a baby. They found out the gender a couple weeks ago…


I’m going to have the most perfect and handsome nephew that ever walked the earth. I know that might be a little early to say, but trust me, if you know my sister and brother in law, they are some of the most incredible, faithful people I know, so by default-their children will be perfect.

To my little nephew-you have no idea the love that is going to shower over you when you are here-I’m already counting down the days until I get to hold you. I already love you.

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Happy Monday & Twinning

I don’t know about you, but I had a great weekend. The rain on Friday was a little annoying because I had to drive to and from work. I had a super crazy Friday night-cookbook reading and tea drinking. I know-wild!

Saturday was fun because we had our church leadership meeting and it was the perfect sunny weather after a rain. It’s always refreshing to be with our leadership and to listen to an encouraging word. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for not only me personally, but with Myke and I and our church.

Sunday = rain rain rain. I loved it. We had powerful day at church and a relaxing afternoon at home listening to the rain. We even opened our window and watched the rain for a little bit. A little rain never hurt anyone. Today (Monday) will be interesting just because it is set to rain all day, but it’s supposed to warm up next week, so the sun will be back soon.

The highlight from the weekend was when my friend and I matched. She and her hilarious husband joined our church a little while ago and we fell in love with them the minute we started talking to them. She has one of the biggest hearts I know and her laugh is so contagious.  She shares my love of sweets, laughter, and Disney movies. Black shirts, jean jackets, back pants, and Vans-a classic.


It’s the little things that make life grand.

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We Have a Car!


I posted this picture the Labor Day weekend last year, this car represents God’s amazing grace and love. To get the full picture, we have to start way back in June. Myke was in a car accident. He’s fine, but the car was done. I don’t want to go into the entire detail of the story because that would be about 5 blog posts. Long story short, we got the run around from the insurance company, but in the end we got enough money to get Myke a used truck. Thumper the truck is a huge blessing! It means that Myke is mobile and he doesn’t have to take the bus everywhere. A couple weeks after we got the truck in July, my car started acting funny. It started shaking when I drove it and it didn’t feel right. We brought it to the shop and we were going to need a couple grand to fix it. My car was officially put out of commission beginning of August.

Through the month of August, we were blessed with the ability to not only rent a car a couple weeks of the month and a co worker give me rides. During that time, God showed us provision and grace. We asked God for his blessing in this situation and for another car because we had witnessed his miracle just a month prior. We knew it was possible. We called our parents and asked for advice and they said they would help with whatever we wanted, but we needed to come up with the solution. We came up with a few plans and presented it to my parents and decided we would come up for Labor Day and we will make a decision then. When we drove up, Myke told me that he felt the right decision is to lease a car, but we would do it in Sacramento, where my parents had leased about 10 cars over the span of 20 years. This was also a great time to lease a car with all the deals happening. We talked to my parents and decided that Sunday we would go to the dealer, and get the best deal we could.

Sunday came and Myke and I drove to the dealer to meet up with my dad. I told him we should pray and we prayed for 2 things: the deal that was on the website that we found and to make it easy. We walked in and test drove a Honda fit, it was great and we liked it, but they didn’t have the deal we were looking for and the salesman said they had a similar deal on the civic. We test drove the car, loved it, and Myke found the deal online and we started the paperwork. We went back and forth with the salesman, saying we want the deal that was on the website, zero down and a SUPER low payment for a three year lease. The paperwork went to finance and about 15 minutes later got our answer: we have a deal.


We sat there stunned. For the rest of the time, we kept waiting for someone to say, just kidding or oh wait, but it never came. We walked out an hour later and there was my beautiful black car, detailed and ready for me to drive away with. I couldn’t help by cry. God showed love to us through others during our struggle and love from my parents for helping. He showed us grace with each other during this struggle and working together and bringing us more together through out the process. Mercy was shown during the whole process.

We got exactly what we asked for. God is so good.