What? When?


I’m sure you all know by now. Myke and I will be parents in October 2017. Writing that is still hard to believe and I have to pinch myself to keep me from thinking I’m dreaming. When we started telling people that we were pregnant, many people had the same questions and the same reactions.

The first reaction from our friends was FINALLY. Many people were literally counting down until we were going to become parents. Every time I held a baby or said hello to parents, everyone would ask when I was going to start having kids. My response was always the same, eventually. That’s all people needed to know at the time. To be honest, I was always a little bothered when that’s all people would ask me. I had known many women who wanted to have children more than anything in the world and there were some obstacles they had to overcome. You never know what someone is going through, so I’m always careful when I ask or pry. When we hit year 4 of marriage, we got asked a little more frequently and people joked around with us a lot more.

Even before we got married we always said that we would wait for kids until we were married 5 years. His parents were married for 5 years before they had him and my parents were married 7 years before having my sister, so we had grown up with that. 5 years seemed like nice time because we would have been married for a while, have jobs (hopefully), and feel like we were somewhat ready to bring someone into this world.

Right before our 5th anniversary, we brought up the subject again and we decided to let it happen. A couple months before I had felt that God was telling me to let go of my control. At first I didn’t know what he meant, but then I realized what he was really telling me. I had been controlling it for so long, which isn’t bad, but it was just time. Little did I know what that really meant.


One day in January, I came home to Myke, who wasn’t working at the time, and as he was getting dinner ready I told him I was exhausted and so tired and had been for a couple weeks. He asked if I should take a pregnancy test. I had mentioned a few days before that I was late, but honestly didn’t think anything of it. I told him I didn’t think so, I wasn’t feeling anything weird or different, so what would be the point? He asked if he would do it just for him and I said sure. He went out and bought a test and I proceeded to take said test. There were two in the box, so round one came back positive, but with an error message. I remember thinking, yeah there’s an error, it says pregnant. Apparently you can pee on a stick wrong because according to the instructions, I did. So I took test number two. I cannot tell you how quick that plus came up and I remember thinking, holy crap.

I showed Myke, we hugged and he whispered in my ear, we going to be parents.

We told our parents a couple weeks later and I guess you can say the rest is history.

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What I Read…

2016 was the year of baking and trying to read more. I have a friend on Instagram who shows a pile of books that she read every month and I get so inspired looking at it. I’m starting out small, but here are the books I read in January 2017:


Talking as Fast as I Can From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything In Between.

Lauren Graham has always had a special place in my heart, she is so funny on Gilmore Girls, was fantastic on Parenthood and I love that she has started writing books. She wrote another book before this one, but this one was more personal. I think what made it even better for me was listening to it on Audible. Lauren read it herself and it was a joy to listen to her and her witty humor. This book only made me want to meet her more.

Good start to the year.

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Faith and God’s Word

I’ve been writing down my prayers a lot more lately. I have found that I connect with my prayers more that way. The other day, I wrote about how God’s word never fails in the first chapter of Luke.

For the word of God will never fail. Luke 1:37 (NLT)

I loved this translation of the verse. It is as plain and simple as it gets. The Bible is God breathed and therefore is true and it will never fail us. After I read this, I read ESV translation and it was just as good.

For with God, nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37 (ESV)

There are so many times for the last six months I’ve come to God about something, whether is twas something with my family or school loans and sometimes it would seem so strange to me to ask something like that. Why on earth would the God of the universe care about my prayer request. The weight of the world is on my shoulders, but there are more important things in life. This verse reminds us over and over, nothing is impossible through God and the word of God will never fail. No matter what we are facing, God cares. He will answer us in one of three ways: Yes, No, or Wait. No matter what the answer is to my prayers, I know God is faithful and He has me on the path I need to be on.

Never forget, nothing is impossible through God.

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