10 Things You May Not Know About Allison


1. If I could eat one thing the rest of my life it would probably be chocolate chip pancakes or pizza.

2. Sometimes I forget to shave my legs for a few days. Ok, sometimes weeks.

3. I rewatch seasons of shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and South Park constantly on Hulu and Netflix.

4. I currently work in Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. I was a studio guide (or a page, think Kenneth from 30 Rock) for a year and now I’m working in an office on the lot and hopefully I will have a full time job by the time I’m 50 years old.

5. I’m a list freak. I write lists about everything. Sometimes I even write out the same list 3 times because I can’t find the previous lists made.

6. When I was 10, I hated make up and swore to my mother I would never wear it.

7. I wear at least one blue item at all times. It is my favorite color.

8. I used to hate gold jewelry, but now I’m starting to buy that more.

9. When I was deciding on where to go to college, I considered New York, Oregon, and Washington.

10.  Part of me wishes I could teach a work out class, then I wouldn’t have to make as much of an effort to go to the gym-I would have to go.

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