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In April last year, I was sitting at church while Myke was with the media team and I got a call from my mom. She calls every so often to chat so I answered not thinking too much of it. She was calling with some very unexpected news-my parents had just bought a new house. They had been thinking about moving for the last year, but nothing serious-so we thought. They ended up getting an amazing deal on a wonderful neighborhood-a neighborhood that my mom has been wanting to move for mostly her adult life.

The whole process didn’t hit me until I was visiting my parents to go up for our big family trip in May. I stayed in my room for the last time. I got up and went for a run and decided to make this a special run. I put on my old playlist that I made in high school and ran to our old country club in our old neighborhood. Then I took one last detour: my old old house. The house we moved from to the house I grew up in most of my life. My parents and I got to talking-they lived in the Loch Lomond house (as it is now called) for 20 years. We moved in when I was 7 going on 8. My room has been white, than a sky blue with clouds on the ceiling and purple butterflies over the door.

My parents moved out of the Loch Lomond house and then went on their big 35 anniversary trip. We got a text 3 days into their trip-the Loch Lomond house sold. That’s when it really hit me. My old house was gone. It will now be helping make memories for another family. I have wonderful memories of that house. From hiding behind a chair pretending to be Harriet the Spy back in 1998, hosting graduation parties in 2006 and 2007, and looking out the window waiting for a boy I was falling in love with to come meet my parents in December 2009. I will hold those memories close to my heart. Now this new house will be filled with more memories, which is exciting to think about.


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