Anniversary Weekend & Memory Lane

Since our anniversary was on a Thursday this year, Myke decided he wanted to take me away for the weekend. He wanted to surprise me with some things, but when he asked me where I wanted to go I said that I thought it would be nice to go back to Azusa, where we first met and see what all has happened since we left. He thought that was a really good idea so that is exactly what we did. We went to our old school, Azusa Pacific University, stayed in a little hotel close by, went to the drive in we went to on our first date (7 years to the day), and even went to our favorite donut shop in LA-Donut Man.


This painting was painted our senior year by one of the students. It represents our four cornerstones: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service. It remains today one of my favorite pieces that was painted at chapel. The newspaper and magazine hold a very special place in our hearts. Myke wrote for the newspaper and even served as online editor. The magazine was a project of a good friend of ours. Myke worked closely with him and the other girl who started the magazine and we are so glad to see it’s still going.



The Rose Garden. Myke and I were both Communication majors and this is where our professor’s offices were. This was also the area where we met up before graduation. There are many ways to get to this little area, but the most popular place is through The Gap. The Gap is an awkward little gap in between two buildings.






APU has two campuses-East and West campus. East is where the majority of people stayed and where most of classes were, I even worked at the coffee shop on that campus. West was the newer part of campus, it was built just about 5 years before we got there. My coffee shop life got started on that campus and I also worked at the bookstore there. It’s also home to the prayer wall. This is a place where people can write their prayers and stuff them in-between the stones. It’s one of the most peaceful places on campus.


IMG_6354        IMG_6368 IMG_6369

While we were there, we found the brick with Myke’s name on it, forever in the grounds of the school, and the classroom where his entire life changed. The classroom where he had his public communication class and he switched to being a Comm major. This path not only lead him to have more hours to work his media IT job to pay for school, but to his internship at the same place where he has a full time job today and it lead him to meeting me.


Donut Man is the pride of our school. It was strange to be there when it was day time, but if you are ever in the Azusa area, please go here. If my plea isn’t enough, this place has been featured not once but twice on the Food Network. He is the real deal! I always stop by for a tiger tail!     IMG_6380


This picture is my favorite from the whole weekend. This picture is taken in the same place where Myke and I shared our first kiss 7 years ago. I was living in the area (the Mods) behind us and Myke was across the street. It was 2am, so we couldn’t be inside. He was wearing his sweatpants and APU sweatshirt and I was wearing my adult dino onsie (it was cold!). We sat out there for about 3 hours, talking. This little spot on the curb on Alosta Ave will always be special to me.


I love you Myke. Happy 4 years of being married and 7 of dating. I will love you for forever and always.

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