Currently: January

In these final couple days of January, here are some things I’ve been getting into this month.

Drinking: La Croix. I got Myke to jump on this bandwagon with me. #hooked.

Eating: hummus and pretzels. So addicting.

Binging: The Great America Baking Show (only 7 episdoes on Hulu), Parks and Rec and This Is Us.

Reading: My cook books looking for the next thing to make. Also just finished The Magnolia Story-I love Joanna even more now, if that were possible.

Loving: my new hair. I’ve been curling it with a wand more and more. It’s been so fun.

Playing: Disney Emoji Blitz. It’s sad, but true.

Writing: my blog again. I really did miss this.

Embarrassed about: our Christmas tree and decorations are still up. Before you judge us, hear me out! We put them up much later this year than we planned and we left for Nor Cal literally a week later, so we wanted to enjoy them a little more. I’m going to try and be better about putting up the decorations earlier this year-maybe even before Thanksgiving so they are up when we get back from being in Nor Cal.

Practicing: Lettering. I’ve seen beautiful videos on Instagram and wanted to give it a shot. I’m awful at it-of course, I’ve never done it before, but I’m going to keep practicing!

Happy Monday!

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