Half Marathon Jitters

Sunday marked one week until I run my first half marathon. Last night I felt nervous for that day. Today as I was running, all these thoughts rushed into my head

I should have ran more. 

I should be able to finish, but what if I don’t.

I should have done more training.

What if I don’t finish?

What if I can’t do it. 

What if my shin splints come back?

What if my high arches act up while I’m running and I can’t finish?

One right after the other flowed into my mind like a waterfall. I had to stop running because I felt like I was going to fall. I have struggled with bad nerves in the past, but nothing too serious. I texted Myke all my fears and doubts and began to feel a high anxiety. While I was waiting for him to reply, another thought popped into my head.

I did not give you the spirit of fear.

It was so clear and so precise, I knew exactly who was speaking to me. God did and does not give us the feeling of fear and doubt. God gives us joy, comfort, and peace. While I was walking to my car I started listening to one of my current favorite songs by the old timer Michael W. Smith, You Won’t Let Go. The chorus goes like this:

You are the anchor for my soul,

You won’t let go, You won’t let go.

No matter what may come I know, You won’t let go. 

Sunday is going to be hard. I’m going to struggle and I will feel some pain, but I know one thing is for sure. My husband will be by my side the whole time, my family will be waiting for me at the end, and He won’t let go.

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