Hello March

Happy March everyone! I hope the first days of March have treated you well. Am I the only one that feels like March comes way too quick. January seems to draw on a little bit more than we would like, but I blink and February is over. While March is just still getting started, we are in full swing of new events and traditions in the Clements house.

One of the things I’m picking up again is reading a book a month. January and February I kept trying to find a good book to read. I like historical books, but my absolute favorite is biography. This month I’m reading Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom. I recently saw the film version to get ready for the Oscars and I enjoyed it. The story really had grabbed my attention, especially since most of it happened right here in LA. With my busy schedule, I tend to gravitate toward audio books, so I downloaded the book and am about halfway through. Be aware that there is some harsh language used. Olivia has also taken up reading, which we love. Her day care reads with her every day and we read with her at night. She loves looking at the pictures and I swear she follows along when we read!

Do you have any fun reading suggestions?

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