June through December

We had some great times in the second half of 2016, but there were some challenges as well.

Here are some highlights from June through December 2016.


My birthday month was a lot of fun. I witnessed one of my dearest friends get married and I also went to a worship conference with our church and loved every second of it.



This month Myke and I checked something off both of our bucket lists, we got to go to Comic Con! Oh my goodness-it was whirlwind and amazingly fun. It went by so fast and I wish we get the opportunity to go again.





Myke turned 27 and I got to host a table at our Ladies Tea. This event meant something very special to me. I had a close friend from college come and it was something I had been praying for awhile. I had made some mistakes with her and I had wanted to renew our friendship and that is what we did. Reconnected and reunited.



This month marked one of the biggest blessings in my entire life. I’m going to write a separate blog post about it because that’s how much God blessed us. Myke and I were able to lease a brand new 2016 Honda Civic. Gull post to come. We also went to an A’s game with Myke’s parents in Oakland. Next: Giants game!



Halloween was upon us and we spent it at church. Myke went into Hollywood with some friends to do some ministry and I stayed back and hung with the kids. This month we also had an amazing outreach for our kids ministry and it was off the hook!



We celebrated 5 years of marriage with a trip to Disneyland that was a gift from a friend.



Christmas is always a fun time of year. My friend turned my back into a blonde and we spent a week in Nor Cal and it was restful and renewing. We closed out the year with a drive back to our home and spent the 2nd day of the year frying foods with good friends that have turned into family. I also got some new hair…courtesy of my dear friend. I love having talented friends who are willing do to my hair.






amazing cookies…recipe to come soon.

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