Life Lately

Great food and even better company was the theme of the past month. I’ve been baking about once a week for the past month and I’m starting to really fall in love with it.


Girls night from a few weeks back. We do it right-massages, great food, and an even better dessert.


Am I the only one that falls for these marketing schemes? I was in need of mascara anyway and when I finally saw this gem, I had to have it. The mascara isn’t half bad! I use it as my first layer and then my Benefit They’re Real brush to comb out the clumps.


One of my favorite creations! Mini cake doughnuts with a chocolate frosting. I’m so glad I got the mini doughnut maker with one of our wedding gift cards a few years back-one of our best purchases.


Admin Day at the office. My supervisor got all of us Susie Cake! Their funfetti cake, with incredible frosting. An amazing cake!


A sweet gift from a friend. She knows the key to my heart.


Dessert calzone courtesy of our dear friends from work. Let’s just say I pretended the calories didn’t count.

It looks like that I’ve been eating my way through the past month, but I’ve been intentional about my work out schedule. More about that tomorrow…

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