When Netflix first came around years ago, my dad took full advantage of it. He signed us up and we started getting movies in the mail and loved every minute of it. I loved the idea of getting movies in the mail, when I went to college, I did not get the luxury anymore. My senior year, when Myke and I got engaged, he invested in Netflix and got at least another movie a week. That’s how we got him caught up on Harry Potter and then eventually we got rid of getting movies and now we just pay for streaming. I much prefer streaming, we got rid of our cable a couple months ago and we love just watching TV through Netflix and Hulu Plus.


2014-08-22 19.43.25

A little while ago I saw this picture through the Instagram of Hello Giggles. I laughed and thought this is exactly what Myke and I do. We have certain shows that we wait to come on Netflix and then we just watched it. One of those shows is How I Met Your Mother. The show that I am beyond excited for is Gilmore Girls. I know for a fact that will be my next show. My sister and I both love this show and recently I have been asking Myke if I could purchase the series on DVD.

Some other shows I’m currently Netflixing:

Criminal Minds

Cutthroat Kitchen

Cupcake Wars



Ink Master



  1. Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog says:

    haha I watch cutthroat kitchen and Chopped when the husband is out on business. We’ve been using Amazon Prime for most of our tv watching because of the screen restriction (I may or may not share my login with family…) but still crack into netflix for the occasional show!

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