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If you follow my Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, you know by now that Myke and I have rescued a dog. We have had him for about 3 weeks now and he is awesome, sweet, and very smart. We are still training him and he has some learning to do, but that will all come in time.

Ever since Myke and I got married, Myke has wanted a dog. I made everything an excuse-we are out too much, he would be alone all the time, money, our apartment doesn’t fit a dog, and much more. Finally when our brother and sister in law got the most adorable dog on the planet and I saw the way my husband’s face looked when he looked at his pictures. It was the same look he had every time he looked at a dog. I finally agreed that if he found a dog that would be small enough for our apartment and he would take care of it, we could get one. The next day Myke sent me about 3 pictures within a few minutes asking me what I thought of each dog. Then he sent this picture:


I saw those eyes and my heart broke. Myke had found an ad on Craigslist with this cutie and his sister. They were found by two very nice people that took them in. Just a week before the original rescuers witnessed someone throwing these two 9 month old puppies from a truck. I was horrified when I heard, but unfortunately, this is a common occurrence where they live. They live in an area where it isn’t uncommon for people to abandon dogs. They took the puppies in, but since they had rescued many other dogs, they didn’t have the space to keep them. Myke drove out and got him. He instantly fell in love with Fin and he has been by his side ever since. He stayed home for a few days to get him used to all the new that was happening. We figured out that he has most likely been abused and since he has always been with his sister, he was suffering from separation anxiety. He’s been getting better since, but I can still tell there is a little still lingering.



As for me, I’ve never owned a dog, so this is a totally new world to me. So far, he loves to lick me, lay on my feet, and jump on me in the morning and when I get home. I try to play with him as much as possible and makes sure he feels loved in his new home. So far, I think he is feeling it. We have had a few different accidents and frustrations here and there, but it is a learning process for not only me and Myke, but for Fin as well.

I’m so happy we had the opportunity to rescue this dog and give him a loving home. He is where he belongs.


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