Myke + Allison

Myke and Allison met in 2009. He did not talk to her when they first met because he was so nervous. The next day he did a little better, he said hello to her. She tried to talk to him a little more, but he would not budge. She thought he had a cruch on some other girl. But little did they both know they were longing for each other. A month later, after they had established a friendship, which included being friends on Facebook, Myke finally admited to liking Allison and she was over the moon. They started officailly datinga couple weeks later.

There was a catch. Allison had plans to study abroad in Australia. Myke had planned on going to the semester in the mountains. They had their plans already in the making when they started dating so before they were seperated for nine months, they had THE TALK. They knew that after nine months apart, they never wanted to be seperated again.

November 21, 2010. They went to the London West Hollywood for their 2 year anniversary. That night Myke asked Allison to be his wife. She answered, “Of course!”

November 19, 2011. They were married in Sacramento, CA at Allison’s home church by Myke’s father. It was the perfect day. Things went wrong (there always will be), but they choose to not look back on those things. You can’t stop certain things from happening. The most important thing was accomplished: They were married.

Since Allison was having so much fun doing her blog, Myke decided to start one too. Hey Myke.

On September 28, 2017 they welcomed their first baby. A little girl-Olivia Jo Clements.



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