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    OJ’s Bookcase

    The one thing that my girls need to have in their rooms is a bookcase. I love the idea of them not only having books when I was young, but books that people give to them. Books have played such a big role in both Myke’s and my life and…

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    My Camera

    I love photos. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time. Especially now that I have a child, I find those moments come up a lot more often. What’s even more important is I know what moments are great to snap a picture and I know when the…

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    Mom Confessions

    Last week was hard. I’ve always known that there were going to be good and not so good seasons when you have a baby. This last week was one of those not so good ones. Olivia started waking up once every night and that was starting to take a toll…

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    Myke’s Birthday Celebration

    Myke’s birthday was on Friday and we had quite the celebration planned. About a month ago we saw that Barry Zito was going to be at the Rivercats game here is Sac. Since we want to go to more baseball games, we thought this was a golden opportunity. For those…

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    Happy Birthday Myke!

    My sweet husband. Today is your birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. I’m so happy that you were born today.

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    Our Weekend

    The last few days have been rough in our house. Three of Olivia’s teeth have decided to make their debut at the same time. So needless to say, days are rough, but nights have been rougher. I spend most of my days feeling guilty. Guilty that I can’t do anything…

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    Baby #2: 23 Weeks

    I’m 23 weeks into my second pregnancy. I have to say, I’m in awe of the female body. I’ve been reading blogs for years with women who talked about their bodies before, during, and after pregnancy and now that I’ve experienced it for myself, I gotta say-women are awesome! Now…

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    Staying Home vs Working

    I’ve been home with Olivia for a while and I have to say that I am really liking it. When I started going back to work after my maternity leave, to a job a loved, I was doing just fine. When we found an amazing daycare in LA that loved…

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    Olivia: 10 Months

    My goodness. They aren’t kidding when they say that time goes by so fast when you have kids. Sometimes I just look at her and think about that little baby that was laying in a hospital bed. I like being home with her now because then I can soak up…

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    Old McClements Went to a Farm

    When my parents went to an event this past week, one of the attendees told them about this little farmers market/farm about 15 minutes from our house called Soil Born Farms at American River Ranch. It’s a sweet piece of land that gives a little taste of farm life. They…