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    We Visited Daddy at Work!

    My mom has her house cleaned every couple weeks and so to get out of their way, I take Olivia out for a few hours. For this particular afternoon’s adventure, we visited Myke at work. We were able to go to his office, meet everyone there, and put names to…

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    Ricotta Pancakes

    If there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I love Fixer Upper. Anything related to them, I will be suckered in. This past year, just like every other woman, I was looking forward to Joanna’s cookbook coming out and like a good husband, Myke…

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    Monterey Getaway

    One of the many reasons we are happy to be back in northern California is the travel. We love that you can drive  45 minutes and be at a lake, but still feels like you are hours away. My brilliant in-laws wanted to take Myke and I to Monterey for…

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    4th of July Recap Vlog

    The morning of the fourth, we went to the neighborhood’s little parade, which is different for Myke and I having lived in LA in an apartment. Olivia got to see a fire truck up close and a the kids on bikes so that was fun to watch her people watch.…

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    Here we go again

    Baby number two is on the way! We are beyond excited to have another little one joining us in November of this year. We will now move on to the question portion of the post: How are you feeling? Much better. The first trimester was AWFUL. I was sick pretty…

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    Bacon + Butter and Old Sac (and a video!)

    This video is from Father’s Day weekend, which I know was a couple weeks ago. Myke’s parents wanted to get together since we now live so close. We went to this amazing place called Bacon and Butter. This place was amazing! The restaurant has a farmhouse feel including a large…

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    Olivia-9 Months Old

    Yesterday Olivia turned 9 months old. 39 weeks ago we drove to to the hospital and out popped Olivia. This little girl has been such a joy for us. Even when she teething, not sleeping, or doing something we told her not to do dozens of times, she is a…

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    One Month in Sac

    It has been one month since the Clements Clan has moved from southern California to northern California. For those of you who don’t know, we are living with my parents for the time being while we look for work. Once work has been found, we will decide where to live…

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    Olivia’s Teeth

    We have two teeth, but we are starting to see one come in at the top…hence the fussy baby. Even though she does not look that fussy in these pictures..

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    Burrs and Baseball + Another Video

    In our quest to rediscover Sacramento, we hit up two things that we were both looking forward to. Burrs Fountain and a minor league baseball game at the Sacramento Rivercats. Burrs Fountain is a restaurant that is extremely close to my heart. It first opened the year I was born…