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I have tried to write this post a thousand times. There are no words to explain how much this weekend meant to me. This is my extended family and many people will never understand why in the world we would still get together the way we do. Simple. I love them. They love me. We have lost some members, but we have gained more. This year, my weekend at Pajaro Dunes included watching Forzen twice with my cousin’s daughter, meeting my other cousin’s son for the first time, shopping with mom in Carmel, visiting a hotel that actress Doris Day owns, playing countless games of Hungry Hungry Hippo, trying a couple new deli’s and a fresh clam chowder from a famous fish market, finding the houses that this family used to stay in from when I was born to 16 years old, and last but not least, getting a new pair of sunglasses that were made by my cousin to mark this year. There are also talk of shirts for next year…oh joy. Also, I am on the hunt to find a recipe for home made It’s-Its. A San Fran staple and childhood favorite of mine.

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  1. You have no idea how jealous we are because we couldn’t make it. We’ll have to try again next year. I’m glad you guys had fun.

    1. We want to. This year was a little tough because my job ended and we’ve gotta save our money for when I start back to school in the fall. I’m hoping things might get a little better for next year. Glad to see you guys all had fun out there, though. We enjoyed living vicariously through everyone’s pictures on Facebook.

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