Baby,  Olivia

Three Generations

This past weekend, my mom was able to come spend a few days with us. I love that she has the ability to do this. I love having her here and spending time with her, but I know she’s really here for Olivia-and I’m totally okay with that!

I took Friday off and have some quality time with Olivia, which I had been craving. Mom came into town and then we went for a day of shopping. Olivia slept through most of the day, which was surprising because she usually doesn’t sleep a lot during the day. We had a lot of fun, the three generations shopping. Saturday, my mom spent the whole day and some of the night with Olivia while we were at our church leadership retreat.

Sunday, of course was church day and we got her all dressed up. Mom left that afternoon, but not before we went to lunch and spent a little more quality time with her. Myke’s parents will be here next week and my dad was even able to stop by for a couple hours earlier last week to see her before he went on his recruiting trip. I feel so blessed that both sets of grandparents live so close that they could come spend a weekend with us. It’s very important to us that Olivia spends time with her grandparents.

When Olivia was out of the hospital, my parent’s neighbor gave her this dog, a traditional gift for newborns in their family. She’s starting to hold onto things so she loved the softness of this stuff animal.

It might be out of convince, but I haven’t dressed Olivia up in many cute outfits. I try at times, but she always seemed to poop through them or be too hot. Finally on Saturday I put together this little outfit for church. I’m going to make more of an effort now, especially since I’m starting to see a a style I like for her.

The three generations.


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