Two Tickets to Colorado Please

My sister, Sarah, is Wonder Woman. Sarah is someone who I have always looked up to. She has always inspired me to do my best and she is always someone who does her best. One thing you should know about y sister, she’s smart. Not just got through school and did well for herself smart. She’s SMART. She excelled at school because she worked hard and it paid off. She went to an amazing university and did just as well there and started on the path of the rest of her life. She studied abroad twice and started to grow a passion for fighting the act of human trafficking. She did internships at many different organizations and her passion only grew more.

This coming Friday, my sister is going to do something that not very people can claim. She is graduating with her second degree and we are traveling to Denver, Colorado to watch it happen. My parents, grandma, and a couple of my aunts and uncles are all making the trek out to Colorado and I cannot be more excited. Not only am I beyond stoked to watch my sister walk across that stage, but I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I can’t wait to hug her!

We are leaving early in the morning on Thursday and then coming back on Sunday. Myke and I are very excited since neither of us have ever been to Colorado. We made a pit stop there on our way to Florida, when it was 0 degrees and snowing. It looked a little something like this:


2014-11-12 10.19.19

It won’t be like that fortunately and we are excited to experience another state and add that to the places we have seen. We are bringing our camera and our selfie stick and ready to be in full graduation mode. To honor my sister graduating a second time, let’s take a look back at when she graduated the first time around and when I graduated along with Myke. Proud moments in all of our lives.



Watch out Colorado, here we come. #ClementsDoColorado

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